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Being caught up in the Criminal Justice system is not supposed to be a pleasant experience. You may find yourself arrested and being interviewed at a Police Station, or facing allegations at the Magistrates Court or even standing trial in the Crown Court.

It is vital that you secure the advice and assistance you need straight away to ensure that you are represented to the highest standards throughout this process. We at Declan McSorley and Jon Lewis Solicitors will give you this service - without exception.


In short - we deal with every criminal offence. Our team have, throughout the years, represented many people accused of all types of criminal allegations. We have been successful in representing people accused of murder, drug importation, kidnapping, serious sexual offences and large scale fraud. We have advised and represented professional sportsmen, actors and major business people.

Whatever you are accused of or whoever you are, we guarantee one thing - our dedicated team will give you an unrivalled service where you are the most important person.


We are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Being at a Police Station in the early hours of the morning comes as second nature to us. Our lawyers have assisted many thousands of people at Police Stations throughout Wales and the South West of England over the years.

Being interviewed by the Police is the most important stage of any criminal investigation. Getting the right advice by the right solicitor can often determine whether you are to face Court proceedings or not.

If you are arrested it is your right to have a solicitor informed that you are there (although this can be withheld in very exceptional circumstances). Advice from a solicitor can be given over the telephone or in person and it is free of charge to everybody.

If you are arrested then ask the Police to contact Declan McSorley & Jon Lewis Solicitors and we will be there to help you.


If you are charged with a criminal offence the first Court you will go to is the Magistrates Court. Most, but not all, offences are dealt with at the Magistrates Court. Some offences are too serous to be tried in the Magistrates Court and will be sent to the Crown Court.

If you are aged 17 or below, you are likely to be asked to go to the Youth Court. The Youth Court deal with young people who are accused of criminal allegations.

We represent individuals at the Magistrates Court every day. Between us we have been attending at the Magistrates Court for over 50 years. With Declan McSorley & Jon Lewis Solicitors you are guaranteed a professional and experienced level of representation to ensure that you are never facing criminal allegations alone.

We are recognised by the Legal Services Commission and as such we can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf if you are to appear in Court. Legal Aid in the Magistrates Court is available for a lot of criminal offences and the Court will assess the application based upon the nature of the allegation and your means. We can advise you in greater detail if and when your case reaches this stage. Legal Aid is also available at the Youth Court and we can assist you in the application.


Some cases can only be tried in the Crown Court as they are too serious for the Magistrates Court. Offences such as murder, robbery, serious assaults and serious sexual offences can only be dealt with at the Crown Court. Other cases, such as burglary, some assaults and drug offences will often be committed to the Crown Court to be dealt with.

It is vital that you secure the best possible representation at the earliest opportunity if you are accused of a serious offence. We will give you that representation. We work closely with a selected number of barristers who are each recognised as leaders in their field. We will always remain the driving force behind your defence. We work and operate for one person - you.

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